Happy Father’s Day


Today is the day we celebrate the father figures in our lives. Maybe it began as a ploy to raise Hallmark cards sales, but it has become a sincere and beloved holiday for many American families. In our current technological age, it has become somewhat tradition for everyone to post pictures of their fathers on every social media outlet available. I participate in this for pretty much every occasion celebrating someone in my family, because I love digging through old pictures and I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  Anyway, on this Father’s Day I have seen several people complaining about the sharing of photos; bothered by the photos taking up the majority of their News Feed. Honestly, people complaining about this really annoys me, and I’ll tell you why.

Father’s Day is one of the few days of the year that is all about love. It is defined as a celebration of “fatherhood”, which is one of the purest forms of love. Romantic relationships and friendships are never guaranteed, but fatherhood is something that never changes. Not everyone may have a biological father around, but most of us have a father figure in some form. Those figures are always there for us, we may get annoyed by their constant worries, but its all in love. I believe that some of the most selfless people in this world are fathers.

So when I see all of my Facebook friends posing with their fathers, it makes me smile. Today when I scroll up and down my News Feed all I see are smiles, hugs and most importantly, love. Our world experiences tragedies everyday, and while that does not stop on Father’s Day, it is so nice to see all the love that exists that we sometimes forget about.

So yeah, maybe this holiday was superficial in its roots. But look at what its become! Isn’t it nice to see the influence that so many people’s fathers have? I am extremely lucky to have been blessed with my amazing father, who I need to go spend some time with 🙂 So I’ll wrap this us with a message to all you naysayers, try not to be so negative when you see the last few father pictures that graze Facebook tonight. Don’t you at least find a little joy in it all? Well if not, here’s one more to piss you off.


Happy Father’s Day to you, Daddy! I love you!!

xoxo Katie


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