Perspective from the “Entitled” Generation

This post is a response to another blogger, Kelly Williams Brown, whom may I add, is a big-time blogger and way above me when it comes to blogging. Anyway, she wrote a post that offers advice to the current generation trying to grow up. You can read it here. Her main point?

Accept that you are not that special.

Okay, I get what she is trying to say. And on its own, it probably wouldn’t bother me that much. The reason I got SO rilled up is because of the many ignorant comments left behind. Here is just a select few…

What????? But, mom said!!! And, I got 165 likes on my Instagram pic of my new high waisted shorts?

Generation “not my fault”

Yes! Stop acting like entitled little SNOTS!!!!

There are SO many comments like that, too many to post here, and thats what got me so heated. Our generation, known as “millennials,” is constantly being criticized for being too fat, too lazy, and this time too entitled. I think this one bothers me the most, because it is a hit to our character. Now, to solve this “problem” Ms. Brown believes we should accept that we are not special. Many of the commenters believe our parents should not treat us like we are special.

Frankly, I just think all of it is bullshit. Because, we are special. I know it sounds cliche, but everyone is special in their own way. We all have our strengths and talents. Some of us are made to be artists, some are made to be businessmen, some athletes, or musicians, or chefs, or parents; I could go on and on.

I firmly believe that the potential for greatness lies within all of us. It definitely takes a lot of hard work and diligence to reach that potential. However, it also takes a great deal of confidence. If you don’t believe you can accomplish something, you probably never will. So I happen to disagree with Ms. Brown. I believe that us “millennials” that are beginning to enter the real world should never forget that they ARE special. We shouldn’t settle for a cubicle job when we want to be a CEO. We need to believe we are great to accomplish great things. And as much as these same people complain about the current state of our country, our generation is going to need to do some pretty great things.

In a world where blog commenters are always putting us down, I think its okay for parents to point out the special things in their child. A kid’s confidence has a lot to do in what their parents say to them. I have been very lucky to have had parents who instilled a lot of confidence in me. They have always encouraged me to try new things and strive for the best. Because of them, I have realized that I have strong leadership and speaking skills, which is why I hope to be a pretty damn good teacher one day.

So that’s my piece. Some of you may disagree with it, but I don’t write to make everyone happy. Now that I have this blog, I’m not gonna let this generation trashing go unnoticed! Until next time 🙂

xoxo Katie


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