Teary Days

Two days ago, I had a day that my parents described as a “teary day.” All day, I just felt like crying… about everything. I was sad about Tucker going to the Air Force. I cried. My dad disagreed with me about something. I cried. They didn’t have steak flights at Outback. I cried.

Every now and then I have a teary day. I am what you would call… “a crier”. Crying is a frequent occurrence in my life. I cry about everything. I cry when I’m sad, of course. I cry when I am overwhelmed with happiness. I cry when I’m mad. I cry when I’m reminiscing. I cry when I’m proud. Sometimes I cry for no reason. It is rare, and I mean extremely rare, that I go a week without crying.

The peak of my crying habit would have to be my high school cross country career. Any athlete knows how much emotion goes into competition. I put so much emotional investment into all of my races, it built up so much leading up to the race, and after the race it would all just crumble. I cried after pretty much every race: good and bad. It would be for various reasons. Not happy about my race, too happy about my race… no personal record, big personal record… getting passed at the last second, passing someone at the last second… whatever. When you’re on a team, you spend so much time with your teammates that you are bound to get annoyed with them once and a while. I sometimes complained about my teammates, and I once asked my dad what he thought others on the team may complain about me. To this day I remember his answer: “Probably that you cry too much.” I couldn’t disagree, he is most likely correct. Any teammates reading this may confirm in the comments below. My parents and coach always tried to get me to kick the habit; I don’t think anyone ever knew what to do with me when I was in tears. But I never tried to stop, and never had much interest in trying, either.

I don’t see what so bad about crying. Society seems to believe that crying is an act that should be prevented at all costs, and certainly not  done in front of others. I just don’t see what’s so wrong with it. If you feel like crying, then cry! No use it holding it back. I never hold back my tears, and I don’t try to. For starters, it hurts to hold them back. You get that damn lump in your throat, your eyes start to burn and your lip starts to quiver; its uncomfortable. It feels much better just to let go and let the tears fall. Second, whenever I’m upset about something, crying is the ultimate healer. I get sad, I cry, I’m better. Simple as that! If I held back the crying, then I would never get over whatever upset me and would spend the rest of the day brewing over it. I feel like its much quicker and easier to just cry and then move on with life.

I’ve never been ashamed of my crying habit, in fact I am proud. So what if people think I’m a baby or embarrassing or whatever? I never hold a grudge. That’s because I let myself be upset and then get over it. There is nothing wrong with crying. Or teary days. I honestly believe that I am a happier person because of my crying.

So think what you want. What the heck, even comment. I don’t care. I’ll just cry about it and move on with my life 🙂

Until next time my friends,

xoxo Katie Lou


3 thoughts on “Teary Days

  1. Bravo for you for crying! Bottling it up is just a bunch of retained salt 🙂 One of my favorite quote (hanging on my bedroom wall): “The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.”― Isak Dinesen. Of course you know my favorite is the sea!

  2. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh at this! Not a bad thing at all, just because I’m the exact same way! I always break down in fornt of or on the phone with my Dad too and he’s always like “Can’t you call your mom about this” which makes me laugh everytime. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without “teary days” because sometimes a good cry is the only way I’ll feel better over something. Thanks for sharing!!

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