Rest In Peace

I just posted two hours ago. But now I’m awake and I think I will be for a while. I just learned that the star of my favorite TV show Glee, Cory Monteith, has passed away.

I feel like I’m going to throw up.

I am absolutely devastated to hear about Cory’s passing. I’m feeling a little stupid that I am so upset about it, considering I never knew the man personally, or even met him. But I have watched Glee religiously since it first premiered. For four years I watched Cory every week.

Just the other day, my dad and I had a conversation about finishing books. I always get sad when I finish a book, because it feels like I know the characters, and now they are gone from my life. My dad commented that he thought the ending of a TV show was worse, because you follow the characters for so long.

So I guess that’s how I feel right now. After following the show so closely, I felt like I knew the characters, and that’s why it just breaks my heart that Cory Monteith is gone.

Cory Monteith was the heart and soul of Glee; the entire premise of the show revolved around his character, Finn. I always felt like Cory added another dynamic to the show. He was such a raw talent. Before beginning Glee, Cory had never received formal vocal training. His voice was raw and pure, and he brought innocence and freshness to the show. His voice improved throughout the run of the show and he had really become a formidable singer. So much potential untapped. So much life to live…

I’m afraid to watch Glee again or listen to Glee songs because I think I’ll just break into tears. I don’t want to watch and listen knowing that he is gone.

I’m sorry if I seem dramatic. I’m just really really upset and needed to get this off my chest…

From my understanding, Cory lived a pretty tough life. Hopefully now he is finally at peace. While I know his many fans, like myself, are devastated; prayers should go to his family and friends who lost Cory way too soon.

Rest in Peace, Cory. You will be so, so missed…



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