One Month of Blogging!

As of today, I have officially been blogging for one month! And what a month it has been! When I first began, I had a goal of reaching 1,000 blog views in my first month. Well as I write this, I am standing at 2,576 views! I far exceeded my goal, and I owe that to those of you who have been consistently reading my posts. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and encouragement  I have received from everyone. Not only my from family; but friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers. I have received so many nice comments and I am extremely thankful for that…it makes me proud of what I’ve done so far, and more motivated to keep on writing.

I had wanted to start a blog for years, but I always put it off because I never knew what to write about. I never knew what should be the central theme of my blog… Running? Sports? Music? Etc, etc? Well, I never really picked one particular thing; and I just decided to write about my life, my stories, and my thoughts. This blog really has no identity; its just a big bunch of randomness. I didn’t really think people would be interested in reading my stories, but I guess some people are, based on my success this month. It really means a lot to me that people enjoy reading my stories and can relate to them in their own right. That’s all I’m really trying to do… Write about things that will make people smile, think, and reflect.

I’m going to keep writing about whatever the heck is on my mind that particular day. BUT I would like to accommodate my readers. I am posting a poll, and I want to know which topics you would like to see more of. I’m featuring the topics that have been popular, based on views, likes, and comments. Anyway, I would really appreciate your feedback! Let me know what you want to see more of!

Again, thank you all so much for joining me and supporting me on this ride! You all have made this such an enjoyable experience for me. Blogging has become my biggest hobby, writing is the highlight of my day, and most importantly this has become an outlet for me to express myself. I can’t wait for many, many more months of blogging! I hope they are all as great as the first!

All my love…

xoxo Katie



One thought on “One Month of Blogging!

  1. Katie, Charlie and I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs. Please keep them coming so we can follow you JMU.



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