Hello everyone! I wanted to write today, but I wasn’t feeling very inspired. Luckily for me, I follow The Daily Post! Everyday they post a daily prompt to help motivate stuck bloggers, like myself. So I am honored and excited to be participating in my first daily prompt.

What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?


My dad and I at the Cubs game

This is a fitting prompt because this weekend my family and I are taking a trip to Chicago, Illinois. This will not be my first trip to Chicago. My Dad and I went last year to spend some quality time together before I went off to South Carolina. We spent our time in Chicago visiting places signature to the town and doing “Chicagoan” things. We went to a Cubs game, ate deep-dish pizza, went to the Navy Pier, and shopped on the Magnificent Mile. We don’t have a ton planned for this weekend yet, but I know we are planning to take a speedboat tour of Lake Michigan.

So, when I think back to the initial question: “What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place?” I guess my answer would have to be, getting immersed in that place’s culture. Even if I’m only there for a few days, I like to hit all the “must-see” attractions.


Bahamas trip #1 back in 2008

I guess everybody likes to do that when they travel. But, oh well. I really like to travel. The only bad thing about being a teacher one day is that it I will never get to travel for my job… I will pretty much just stay in the classroom at all times. One of my dreams in love is to fill my passport up with stamps from all over the world. So far, I have three stamps from the Bahamas, but that’s it. I do hope to see the world one day, if I get the opportunity to.

I love traveling so, so much. I love every part of it. I love packing. I love being in an airport. I love the little bag of airplane pretzels and the drinks with the cool looking ice. I love staying in a hotel and having my bed made for me. Oh, I just love every part of traveling. I love it so much, that my dream job has always been to have my own show on the Travel Channel. I have always pictured myself hosting a show titled something along the lines of Around the World with Katie or something more intense like Katie Wood: Abroad or maybe something quirky like Katecations. In my show, each episode would have a different travel destination, and everything I do in said place would be filmed! Then viewers would watch and not only learn about my featured destinations, but also become super jealous of my totally awesome career.


Bahamas trip #3 in 2012. This could be such a good advertisement for “Katecations.”

This a dream that I think and talk about way too much. But seriously, how awesome would that be? You get to travel to all of these amazing places, immerse yourself in the culture and get PAID for it? It really doesn’t get much better than that. My dad always tells me that the job would much harder than I think, because I would have to do a great deal of research and the trips would not be enjoyable because I would be working. But honestly, I don’t care how much research and work I would have to do if I got to go to, say, Australia. Why else would I go to Australia, anyway? No way I will ever go there with a teacher’s salary. I would research for ten years if I got to go to Australia (maybe not that long, but you get my point).

So if there are many Travel Channel execs out there reading this, please consider adding Katecations to your lineup. It may be a totally unoriginal and already done idea, but you would be making a young woman’s dream come true. I will do endless amounts of research for you.

Well, I guess I really got sidetracked from the original prompt. But hey, at least I wrote. And now I am inspired to take a Flip camera to Chicago this weekend and personally film Katecations: Chicago Edition.

I promise to remember you all when I become a Travel Channel icon 😉

xoxo Katie Lou



5 thoughts on “Katecations.

  1. There are ways to travel for your job as a teacher! Two Hanover teachers just took a group of girls on my team to Europe and my boyfriend’s teacher gets a grant to take her class to France every year! There’s hope!

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  3. or you could join the military, get paid less, travel for longer periods of time, and go to not very exciting places about 90% of the time… “we the people” would do it that way

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