Post Vacation Blues

What is it about vacation that makes us as human beings so happy? Is it the all day relaxation? Is it the lack of worries or stress? Is it all the unhealthy eating that we don’t feel guilty about? Well, whatever the reason may be, vacation is certainly one of the most wonderful things in life. Perhaps that’s why you feel so freaking depressed when its all over.

The aforementioned luxuries are no more and it is back to the world of routines, schedules, and normalcy. Now we are obliged to actually get up and accomplish something with our days. We must go back to work, because two weeks off  was already pushing it. We now feel pressure to eat healthy and workout; things that are magically forgotten while on vacation.

That is what I am suffering from right now. I just feel like a big blob with motivation to do absolutely nothing. Its nice to be home after two weeks away, but I’m not completely happy about it. While I am not looking forward to returning to my daily routine, I am mostly just sad that vacation is over. I had such an amazing time with my family and Tucker, I am just really sad for it to be done. It went by way too fast, and the summer is going by even faster, which scares me.

But I still have over a month until my summer is over, so I won’t get too upset. But until I’m over my post vacation blues, I’ll just feel sorry for myself and constantly look over these pictures, the best from the vacation!

Not much to say today, but I hope you all are enjoying your summers! Until next time…

xoxo Katie Lou


It Was Only Inevitable

Those of you whom are close to me were probably just waiting for this to happen. Just wondering when I would mention my biggest obsession. It’s time for me to reveal one of my favorite things in life: World Wrestling Entertainment otherwise known as WWE. 


My brother, Will, and I at WWE Smackdown

Some of you may be surprised, most people are. I am certainly not your stereotypical WWE fan. I am totally a girly girl. My favorite color is pink, I always wear bows in my hair, I love wearing dresses, and I spend way too much time worrying about my hair and makeup. But yes, I am a WWE fan; a diehard fan. Last night, I attended my third WWE show in one year. Yes, my third in only one year! And all three of them were freaking awesome.

My dad has watched WWE his entire life, so it was always on in our house. I never used to watch it; but every Monday night when I would be doing my homework at the kitchen table, my dad had RAW on, and I slowly got wrapped up into the story lines. Plus, I always had CM Punk’s entrance song stuck in my head, so that was more motivation for me to watch; and I had someone to cheer for! Last December, the WWE came to Columbia to do a show at the USC basketball stadium. Students could get tickets dirt cheap, so I figured, why not? I bought my $12 ticket and went to the show. Best 12 dollars I have ever spent. I was absolutely enthralled, and I have been obsessed ever since.

Being a WWE fan is the thing I get made fun of the most for. And there is one thing that myself and every WWE fan gets all the freaking time that annoys me to no end!

You know its not real, right?

OF COURSE I KNOW IT’S NOT REAL YOU DUMBASS. This is the biggest misconception about the WWE. People think fans view it as an athletic event. People actually think that the fans show up to the show believing they are witnessing real fights and they are all being duped because the fights are staged. Really only a tiny percentage of fans believe the fights are real- mostly children. WWE is just like any normal TV show. The wrestlers are all actors playing a character, there are story lines and conflicts, and the actual wrestling matches advance those stories. Just like any TV show. When somebody says that they love CSI, you don’t say to them, “Oh, you know that those crimes are fake, right? Like those people didn’t actually die. It’s fake.” NO of course you wouldn’t, thats ridiculous! You shouldn’t do it for WWE, either.

I get why people don’t completely understand it, though. There is nothing like it on TV, it is completely unique. It’s not just a show, its an experience. For one, every episode is taped in front of a live audience. But as a member of the audience, you become an integral part of the show. The writers rely on the audience to cheer for certain wrestlers and boo for others. If the audience doesn’t react as planned, the whole idea is shot. All of the plot lines are influenced by the fans’ reactions, and that is something pretty awesome about WWE.


Tucker and I at WWE Raw

I used to be really embarrassed by my love of WWE. I never talked about it to anyone outside of my family. But when it comes down to it, watching WWE makes me genuinely happy. I enjoy watching it and it makes my life a little bit better. Its something I can bond over with my dad, brother, and boyfriend. Why would I let anyone ruin that for me?

I think that’s really what makes the WWE so cool. When I was at the show in Hampton, VA last night, everyone around me was just so happy to be there. When the “bad guys” came out we were angry, and even more so if they won. So excited to see our favorite wrestler enter the ring. Sad to see the heroes fall. It brings out such raw human emotion in people. Seeing the kids at the show was especially cool. You can see the pure joy on their faces! The WWE gives them confidence, makes them feel like they are a part of something. And I think that’s what makes the WWE so special; every fan gets to be a part of something huge.

Yesterday’s show was my brother’s first WWE event. Will is normally a pretty shy kid, and he gets more nervous in situations with lots and lots of people. As we were leaving the loud, crowded arena, Will spotted one of his favorite wrestlers on the stage, Titus O’Neil. O’Neil also happened to play for Will’s favorite college football team, the University of Florida (he went by Thaddeus Bullard back then). O’Neil was doing a meet and greet on the stage, and Will was dying with excitement. He just had to go get a closer look. So as the security guards were pushing people out of the arena, shy little Will somehow snuck by the guards and made it to the stage. With absolutely no shyness, he yelled, “Hey Titus! Go Gators!” And Mr. O’Neil responded with a vibrant thumbs up 🙂 Will came sprinting back with the biggest smile on his face, more excited than I had ever seen him. The moment was absolutely priceless, something I will cherish forever. And I’m so thankful the WWE was able to give it to me.

xoxo Katie

P.S. To any WWE fans reading this, LET’S GO CENA!


Old & New Experiences

On Saturday, Tucker & I left Cape Carteret and headed up the coast to Nags Head, North Carolina. As I have mentioned before, my parents own a beach house here, so we will be spending this week with my family. We always come to Nags Head this time of year to celebrate 4th of July. However this year I was with Tucker’s family on 4th of July, which was weird. Don’t get me wrong, I mean I had a lot of fun and Tucker’s family was great, but it was my first time being away from my family on the 4th.

Its hard for me to be away from my family, we have always been extremely close. But being in new surroundings with new people is certainly not a bad thing, hard as it sometimes may be. In Cape Carteret I was exposed to lots of new things that I probably never would have experienced on my own. For instance, prior to last year’s Cape Carteret trip, the only boat I had ever been on was a cruise ship. But now, I have been all kinds of skiffs and dinghies and whatever else… I may not understand any of it but HEY- at least I’ve had some boating experience now, and I learn more every year. Boating is a really cool thing that I’m happy Tucker introduced me to! Oh, and water sports! Tucker loves all kinds of water sports. He sails, water-skis, and surfs… I can only really tube but hey, at least I’m learning, right? By next year I’ll be fully standing on skis for miles… Or maybe I should aim for first just trying the water skis 😉

ImageAlso, last week Tucker’s family and I took a trip to Cape Lookout, where I witnessed one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Wild horses! I had never seen horses in their natural habitat before, and it was breathtaking. Plus, I had no idea that horses could swim, is that like a known thing?

ImageWell I certainly had no clue, but now I have witnessed it with my own two eyes. The horses crossed the water right in front of our ferry! It was beautiful. Now I know it seems rather insignificant of thing, but it was an amazing sight to see, and a memory I will cherish forever. Its all something I never would have experienced had I been in Nags Head. It was sad not be with my family on July 4th, but I guess part of growing up is getting out there on your own and making your own adventures. And I certainly had a few adventures in Cape Carteret!

I’ve found that one of the hardest parts of growing up is balancing those new adventures with family traditions. Tucker and I have a good system for the July 4th celebration: one week with his family in Cape Carteret and one with mine in Nags Head. Now its time for the Wood Nags Head week, where I’ll be a little more in my element. We don’t really delve into much boating or water sports here, just a lot beaching. So I’ll have a lot of time to catch up on my reading and tanning 🙂

It’s so nice to be with my family again, but I had a lot of fun last week too, and I’m glad to have gained those new experiences. Not to be cheesy but I think learning to balance those old and new experiences really is an important part of growing up. And hey who knows? Maybe I can incorporate some of my new experiences into my time here in Nags Head. I’ve had the strong desire to try paddle boarding, I’m sure the water sports expert could help me out!

I’m looking forward to a nice week, and I’ll be sure to write about any new adventures 🙂

xoxo Katie Lou


Perspective from the “Entitled” Generation

This post is a response to another blogger, Kelly Williams Brown, whom may I add, is a big-time blogger and way above me when it comes to blogging. Anyway, she wrote a post that offers advice to the current generation trying to grow up. You can read it here. Her main point?

Accept that you are not that special.

Okay, I get what she is trying to say. And on its own, it probably wouldn’t bother me that much. The reason I got SO rilled up is because of the many ignorant comments left behind. Here is just a select few…

What????? But, mom said!!! And, I got 165 likes on my Instagram pic of my new high waisted shorts?

Generation “not my fault”

Yes! Stop acting like entitled little SNOTS!!!!

There are SO many comments like that, too many to post here, and thats what got me so heated. Our generation, known as “millennials,” is constantly being criticized for being too fat, too lazy, and this time too entitled. I think this one bothers me the most, because it is a hit to our character. Now, to solve this “problem” Ms. Brown believes we should accept that we are not special. Many of the commenters believe our parents should not treat us like we are special.

Frankly, I just think all of it is bullshit. Because, we are special. I know it sounds cliche, but everyone is special in their own way. We all have our strengths and talents. Some of us are made to be artists, some are made to be businessmen, some athletes, or musicians, or chefs, or parents; I could go on and on.

I firmly believe that the potential for greatness lies within all of us. It definitely takes a lot of hard work and diligence to reach that potential. However, it also takes a great deal of confidence. If you don’t believe you can accomplish something, you probably never will. So I happen to disagree with Ms. Brown. I believe that us “millennials” that are beginning to enter the real world should never forget that they ARE special. We shouldn’t settle for a cubicle job when we want to be a CEO. We need to believe we are great to accomplish great things. And as much as these same people complain about the current state of our country, our generation is going to need to do some pretty great things.

In a world where blog commenters are always putting us down, I think its okay for parents to point out the special things in their child. A kid’s confidence has a lot to do in what their parents say to them. I have been very lucky to have had parents who instilled a lot of confidence in me. They have always encouraged me to try new things and strive for the best. Because of them, I have realized that I have strong leadership and speaking skills, which is why I hope to be a pretty damn good teacher one day.

So that’s my piece. Some of you may disagree with it, but I don’t write to make everyone happy. Now that I have this blog, I’m not gonna let this generation trashing go unnoticed! Until next time 🙂

xoxo Katie