Is there a social media outlet that has captivated our culture quite like Instagram has? I think we can all agree that Facebook is the most popular and widely used, considering many of our grandparents are plugged in to the site. Twitter would be a close second, but Instagram is in a class of its own.
We post every picture from every event we attend on Facebook. We share our every thought on Twitter. But Instagram is saved for the best of the best. We only post our favorite pictures on Instagram; usually accompanied by an ambiguous caption that gives the photo a bit of a mysterious edge, along with a filter that perfectly highlights the photo. Instagram is all about perfection.

Nowhere on Instagram will you find sloppy pictures of groups of friends that you may find on Facebook. Instead, any friend group photo will look like its been pulled straight from a Gap catalog. Instagram is filled with photos of freshly cut fruit, perfectly ironed outfits, beautifully painted nails, and the most creative, cute crafts you have ever seen. Instagram is a place where we only post the best moments of our lives in hopes that people will visit our profile and think “Wow, what a perfect life they have!”

I’ll admit it, I’m as big an Instagram addict as any. Honestly, I think it has taken a hindrance on my life. Whenever I go out, I’m constantly thinking of possible “Instagram moments.” And when I do think of one, I’m completely stressed until the photo is taken and posted. Once it’s posted, I am still stressed because I always want my photos to hit at least 11 “likes”, because then it shows a number count instead of justĀ a list of the “liker’s” names. Okay, I know I sound like a self-obsessed freak, but this is what Instagram has done to us all! Fellow Instagrammers will know exactly what I’m talking about.

But to be honest, even I with my 426 Instagram photos, get annoyed with the constant strive for perfection. You know what I absolutely hate? When people post pictures of freshly cut fruits with the caption, “OMG my fav food ever. So perfect!!!” NO. It is not “so perfect!!!” Because it is a LIE. Nobody’s favorite food is a freaking kiwi. When people post pictures of their so called “favorite food,” it’s clear that they are just trying to appear as a healthy, active person. We all know that if given the choice between your beloved kiwi and an ice cream cone, you’d pick the ice cream. You ain’t fooling nobody. And honestly, I don’t think anyone really cares how healthy you eat, so I’m not exactly sure why this has become a trend. I’m going to start a new trend of posting pictures of big, greasy hamburgers with the caption, “OMG my fav food ever. So perfect!!!” At least that would be an honest trend.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if people posted pictures of all moments in their life, good and bad? An Instagram that displays, you know, real life? I think Instagram often makes people feel bad about themselves, because they look at other’s flawless profiles and wish their life, too, could be that “perfect.” What we don’t always realize is that nobody posts the bad hair days, the failed tests, the embarrassing moments… We only see the good in people’s lives, and assume that they have no bad moments. Truth is, we all have those bad moments, you’re just the only one who knows about them. Somebody is probably looking at your Instagram profile too, thinking that you have a perfect life.

But for now, Instagram will stay a haven of perfection. And we will enjoy it anyway. The photo I posted this morning currently has 28 likes. It’s a good day.

Until next time, everyone!

xoxo Katie Lou